Equipment fleet serves as a pivotal resource in the timely execution of projects. In fact, it is considered as heart of construction sector. NUGI LIMITED can boast of over 200 construction equipment.
We also have specialized mechanics both expatriates and
Nigerians that services our equipment as the need arise.


Currently, the NUGI LTD Board of Directors is comprised both Executive and  Non-Executive Directors.  They are:   
"    Engr. Gideon IKHINE -                            Chairman
"    Barr. Remi Joy Gideon-IKHINE                Executive Director
"    Isimemen Gideon IKHINE                        Director
"    Naomi Gideon IKHINE                             Director
"    Jessica Ezekiel -Hart                              Director
"    Olawale LAGUNJU                                  Director

The role of the Board is to ensure the Group's long term sustainable value to all stakeholders within an appropriate framework of governance, accounting, finance and further effective controls and policies.

The Board of Directors is collectively responsible and accountable for:

"    Strategic direction and policies of the organization.
"    The framework of control and accountability systems and reporting thereon.
"    The framework for risk assessment and management of the Organisation.
"    The proper management of company resources to achieve corporate and business goals and objectives.
"    The financing needs of the Organization.
"    Financial control, use of financial resources, acquisitions and divestures and the monitoring and reporting thereon.
"    Governance structures, policies and procedures.
"    Value creation and alignment of Stakeholder relationships.

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